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Processing managed fund application forms, verifying investors' identity, and completing AML and KYC requirements can be a thank-less task.

Especially if the investor hasn't completed the form correctly, has ticked the wrong box (or not ticked the correct one) and failed to sign where required.

Not to mention that some investors' handwriting is not all that it might be, and the correct documents sometimes don't arrive with the application form. All too often, even with the most careful processes, far too many applications are not processed the first time around.

Delays cost time, and time is money. Investors get upset, and fund managers can't earn fees while application proceeds aren't invested in the market. Neither can their administrator.

Olivia123 changes all that.

Olivia123 provides a flexible customised, flexible, secure online system for processing managed fund application forms. OLIVIA includes an optional AML and KYC module which can be used to verify the investors' identity, with supporting signed documents provided in hard copy if required.

Olivia123 uses a rules based process to ensure that investors only complete the sections and questions on the application form that are relevant for each individual fund - whatever the investor type.

Olivia123's rules, which can be customised to suit each fund's requirements, also guide the investor through the application process, eliminating errors and omissions wherever possible.

Once completed, the final application, with scanned copies of attachments, is saved to a secure server, ready for downloading in electronic format directly into the administrator's registry system.

  1. Illegible handwriting? Not any more.
  2. Errors and omissions? Eliminated.
  3. Re-entering data? A thing of the past.

As we said, Olivia123 makes completing and processing online application forms as easy as one, two, three.

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