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About this fund

It is a legal requirement that all investors download and read the offer documents for the The TAMIM Fund prior to proceeding.

This fund has multiple investment options - the minimum investment amounts for each option is:-

FundNew InvestorsExisting Investors
The TAMIM Fund - Asia Small Companies Fund$100,000$20,000
The TAMIM Fund - Australia Small Cap Income Fund$100,000$20,000
The TAMIM Fund - Credit Fund$100,000$20,000
The TAMIM Fund - Global High Conviction Fund$100,000$20,000
The TAMIM Fund - Australian All Cap Fund$100,000$20,000
The TAMIM Fund - Global Mobility Fund$100,000$20,000
The TAMIM Property Fund - Listed Property Fund$100,000$20,000

This fund is open to Wholesale or Sophisticated investors from Australia and overseas EXCEPT the US.

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