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Flinders Emerging Companies Fund - Class B

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About Olivia123

Olivia123 is an online service designed to make the task of completing managed fund application forms faster, simpler and less frustrating.

Olivia123 provides a range of benefits:

Investors enjoy a simpler and faster application process, saving time, reducing the potential for errors or omissions.
Investment Advisors can provide their clients improved service levels.
Fund Managers can track incoming applications, and benefit from faster access to cleared funds.
Fund Administrators can process investors' completed applications more efficiently, with electronic data upload reducing errors and delays.


Olivia123 includes an online identification (AML & KYC) module to allow the investor's address to be verified, and other identity documents, such as driving licence, to be confirmed online in real time. Scanned copies of documents can be uploaded and attached to the application form, or if required printed and sent by post.

Olivia123 is hosted in a secure server environment featuring SSL security and dual level password protection to safeguard investors' privacy and personal information.

Everyone wins with Olivia123 - the online service which makes completing application forms for managed funds and financial products as easy as one, two, three.

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