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Whether you are completing an application form for the first time or the fortieth, it always seems to be a tedious and confusing process.

There are multiple pages and sections of the form to complete, and frequently the information has to be repeated. Depending on the type of investor (individual, partnership, company or trust) different information is required. The increased requirements for fund Managers to conform to AUSTRAC requirements with each investor's proof of identity to satisfy Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your client (KYC) legislation complicates the process further.

There's no one to tell you if you have made a mistake, omitted to tick a vital box, or attached the correct documents. As a result many application forms aren't processed in time for cut-off, so the application money sits idly in a custodian's bank account not earning interest.

Olivia123 changes all that.

Once you have logged into a secure server you can complete the application online. Olivia123 uses a rules based system, making sure you only see and complete the relevant sections and questions of the application form - whatever your investor type.

Olivia123 has an optional AML/KYC identity module which allows investors' addresses and a range of identity documents to be verified, and confirmed online. Any additional documents required can be printed, signed and sent in the mail.

Once completed application forms are held on a secure server and processed electronically, with a printed copy available if required.

As we said, Olivia123 makes completing online application forms as easy as one, two, three.

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