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Olivia123 for Fund Managers

Many fund managers don't realise how complex and confusing their fund's application process is until they have to complete an application for themselves.

Olivia123 has been designed and developed to make the task of completing managed fund application forms faster, simpler and more efficient. And faster, simpler and more efficient applications mean happier investors, fewer delays in processing, and ultimately a smoother business process.

No one benefits from having an investor's application delayed while the documentation is sorted out, and the application money sits in the Custodian's bank account, rather than as units in the fund.

Olivia123 changes all that.

Olivia123 provides a rules based online application process customised to reflect each fund's brand and application form. Investors only see and complete the relevant sections in each application form as Olivia123 guides them through the process, eliminating errors and omissions wherever possible.

Olivia123 includes a secure AML and KYC module to allow each investor's identity to be confirmed, with documents such as driving licences to be verified online in real time. Scanned copies of additional documents can be uploaded and attached with the application form, or if required printed, signed and sent by post.

The completed application is submitted securely online for processing by the fund's administrator, and/or printed for the client's records. If required all documents can be signed and sent as a hard copy with additional and verified documents.

Which allows fund managers and their client service teams to concentrate on their real business: Growing and managing investors' funds.

As we said, Olivia123 makes completing online application forms as easy as one, two, three.

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